Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My New Home

Hi everyone!

I've moved all the way to Illinois. I'm a Chicago pup now, and I want to share my new life with you all (but mostly my brothers).

When I first came to the Land of Lincoln, I had so many new things to smell. Just when I think I've sniffed it all, my new family takes me on a walk for all new smells.

Since I've been here, my favorite things to do are as follows:

1. Play with my rope. I run around like a crazy dude when my new family members throw it around the backyard.
They like to play "keep away from B", little do they know, I'm just trying to wear my new family out so they can sleep well at night.
Don't I look ferocious in that second picture?

2. Derp around.
My new friend next door always has his little tongue sticking out. I want to be just like him!
By the way, I've made 2 friends already, and I haven't even been here a week. One is just my size and he loves getting rowdy with me. The other one is smaller than most of my meals, but so far, we've been very friendly.

3. Roll around on my new grass.
Remember all those smells I told you about? I. MUST. ROLL. IN. ALL. OF. THEM.

4. Pose for pictures. I'm not the most photogenic pup (even though the lady-pups can't keep their paws off me in person), but check out my over-the-shoulder shots.

5. My absolute most favorite activity is being absolutely majestic-looking!
I could sit out in my yard like this all day. I mean, I could, but I get distracted by other dogs, people, smells, my toys, testing the invisible fence, and digging holes.

There are several other things that I like to do with H&M, like stare at them from 2 inches away from their faces while they sleep, and waking them up at 1am, 'cause I know they want to hear all the same noises that I hear. 
My favorite spot to rest is at the bottom of the stairs on the little platform. I have windows in three directions, so I can keep a good eye on my territory. 
I love my new home, except my new family doesn't let me on the furniture. What's up with that? Who wouldn't want a 74-pound cuddle buddy all the time? 

I'm having a great time though; none of you Michiganders have to worry about me! I'm well-fed, get plenty of exercise, and my new family loves me lots!

I know I'll have a ton more adventures...