Sunday, December 8, 2013

Indoor Trees

My humans needed a talking to today.
They went out for a bit this morning, and when they came home, they brought a tree inside.
I insisted they take it back outside immediately, but they shooed me away and told me to settle down.
Maybe no one has ever told them that trees belong outdoors, but I tried and no one wanted to hear it.
I had to go with the flow and eventually my humans asked for my help in setting up the tree.
They call it a "Christmas Tree".

I sniffed and pawed my human through getting the tree in the stand properly. I think he got the hang of it, so I enjoyed the snowfall and even left him alone for a little bit.
I kept an eye on him though. You just can't trust anyone who brings an 8 foot tree indoors.

By the way, look at what all the other silly humans on the street have done.
Every tree looks like this!
I'm not really sure what to make of all this.

I hope you've stayed normal - my new humans get stranger by the day.